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Answering your questions about NIR

Learn about the technology that is disrupting quality control around the world

What are the advantages of NIR over traditional wet chemical methods?

Near-infrared uses traditional wet chemical methods as precursors, sacrificing a small part of accuracy in exchange for a large increase in detection speed, that is, by increasing the detection frequency to achieve quality trend control.

What is the accuracy of NIR?

Precisely because wet chemistry is a precursor to NIR, the precision of wet chemistry determines the precision of NIR. Near-infrared technology can greatly increase the frequency of detection, thereby guiding production to adjust the production process in time to achieve stable quality. Empirically, the error of NIR is about 5-10% higher than that of wet chemical method.

We want to build our own models, do you have modeling tools and modeling guidance?

We not only provide equipment installation and debugging, but also provide free modeling services on the premise that customers provide physical and chemical data. At the same time, for customers who want to complete the model establishment/maintenance by themselves, we provide an online modeling platform and operation guide.

How are you machines produced and shipped? Is there risk of supply chain disruption?

The imported parts of our machine are few and the stock is sufficient. At the same time, we are also actively looking for domestic replacement products. At present, the replacement supplier has been determined, so the product quality and technical support will not be affected.

What is the lifespan of the machine? What are the consumables?

There are no so-called consumables in our equipment. The only part that needs to be replaced regularly is the light source. Its working life can reach 10,000 hours, and the price of the light source is not high.

What is the advantage of your machine over competitors?

For enterprise customers: Our advantage lies in customization. In the case of similar hardware parameters, we can develop customized solutions for customers and provide more in-place follow-up services. For all other customers: Our price is more than 50% cheaper than competing products when the demand is met.

How maintainable is the equipment?

Most of the accessories are developed and processed by us. Some outsourced accessories customers can prepare replacements by themselves, but the models we recommend are verified and optimized.

Do you have any international clients?

We have in-depth cooperation with internationally renowned companies such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, COFCO, etc. Up to now, our products have been exported to all continents around the world.

Your wavelength band is narrower than that of some competitors' products. What is the reason? Is there any plan to develop it to 2500nm?

Our wavelength range is from 900 to 1700 nm. In practice, the absorption peaks of most natural products are concentrated in this band. By focusing on this band, we can optimize the algorithm to achieve better analysis results. At present, we are also actively developing the 2500nm band to expand our product line.

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