Online NIR Spectrum Analyzer

IAS-Online S100 is used for continuous real time analysis. The instrument is installed on the production line to analyze the production status in real time to immediately provide feedback on the process control based on the data analysis of the samples. The full online sample analysis can provide feedback and optimize important parameters, reduce rework, and improve product consistency. It can easily be self checked and automatically calibrated periodically by an operator, thus maintaining reliable performance for long term operations.

IP67 protection

Gas and dust explosion proof capabilities

Constant temperature monitoring for stable performance in harsh environments.

Multi-machine network management (RS485 modbus protocol and RJ45TCP/IP protocol)

Automatic monitoring and calibration mechanism

Spectral stability and flexible installation

Machine Specs


L 44 cm / W 28 cm / H 24 cm

Analysis Software

IAS-Pro Windows version; CPU i3 and above, 8G memory, 512 GB solid state drive, Computer environment requirements: WIN 7 or WIN 10 64 bit

Communication Protocol


Computer Interface Requirements

RJ45, USB2.0 or above

Computer Supporting Software

Office 2010 and above (word and Excel)


InGaAs detector

Display Requirements

1920x1080p, 21 inches or more

Gigabit Switch

Supporting use under the condition of one computer controlling multiple instruments

Light Source and Lifespan

Tungsten halogen lamp 10000H supports quick replacement, and comes with 3 spare light sources

Measuring Time

0.1-1 s

Operation System


Power Supply

DC 24V / 5A

Relative Humidity


Shell Material

Food grade stainless steel

Shell Protection Level

IP65 (IP67 customize)


0.3 g @ 0.1 - 200 Hz


49 lb / 22 kg

Working Distance

100 mm

Working Temperature

14-113 F / -10-45 C

Let's talk

Our NIR machines are the only lab-grade yet portable ones on the market and offered at a significant discount to our competitors. Let's discuss how our next-gen technology enables intelligent data-driven productions with less waste and bigger yields.

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