Portable Grain Analyzer

IAS-5100 is the perfect device for fast and non-destructive analysis of grain and oil crop samples. Multiple parameters such as moisture, protein, oil and fat content can be measured in less than a minute. The device is highly portable as it contains an internal battery, allowing for efficient on-site analysis. Its innovative auto sample mixing compartment design enables a single touch operation that completes the referencing, calibration, analysis, and reloading all in one run to deliver accurate and consistent results.

High-performance NIR Spectrometer with DMD (Digital Micro-mirror Device) technology

Large 25mm-diameter light aperture ensures fast and repeatable measurements

Side-illuminated body with a rotating sample cup for granular solid samples

Wide wavelength range of 950-1650nm supports more applications and ensures higher accuracy compared to short wavelength NIR devices

Built-in lithium battery (optional) enables on-site analysis and portability

OTA remote technical support for software and calibration updates

Machine Specs


11 lb / 5 kg

Additional Software

TISO Analysis software, calibration building software

Light Absorbance Repeatability

<0.0003 AU

Light Source

Tungsten Halogen lamp, life span 10000 h

Light Spot Diameter

25 mm

Operation System


Power Supply

24V / 3A

S/N Ratio

10000:1 at average of 128 times

Sample Cup Volume

300 ml

Sample Forms

Granular solids

Wavelength Accuracy

<1 nm

Wavelength Range

950-1650 nm

Wavelength Repeatability

<0.05 nm

Working Temperature

41-104 F / 5-40 C

Working Time on Battery

>3 h

Let's talk

Our NIR machines are the only lab-grade yet portable ones on the market and offered at a significant discount to our competitors. Let's discuss how our next-gen technology enables intelligent data-driven productions with less waste and bigger yields.

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