Grain + Oilseed

Promote quality and confidence in your grain analysis; cost effectively meet protein targets and increase yield while decreasing variance in the final extraction product

Relevant Machines:
Grain + Oilseed
The application fields for grain include analysis of protein, oil, water soluble proteins, and moisture etc. By understanding the quality of your grains in real time, you can properly segregate batches, manage product blending, and avoid returning products that don't meet standards. Analyzing the oil, moisture and erucic acid of oilseed is beneficial during the intake, crushing, and extraction process as it promotes quality control by decreasing variance of the protein level in the final product. All of these can be applied in many areas including the purchase market, trade market, deep processing and storage sites.
Example Products

Grain, oil seeds

Example Parameters

Grain quality, protein, oil, and moisture

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