Feed + Forage

Analyze protein, fat, moisture, fiber and other parameters to maximize the quality of your feed and forage

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Feed + Forage
NIR analysis is widely used to test feed ingredients for special parameters such as amino acids and phytates. The availability of these test results alongside the regular tests on feed materials for protein, fat, moisture, fiber and other parameters drive an increase in profit, quality and efficiency. Portable MEMS NIR machine allows for testing both in the field and the production sites. IAS 3120 tests incoming raw materials in a matter of minutes and rejects out-of-spec materials. We also provide satiability to the mixing process by measuring key parameters that lead to more efficient mixing times, and more consistent production outputs. This cumulates into a higher final product quality where IAS can ensure that your final product specs meet the correct labeling reducing customer claims and increasing brand quality.
Example Products

Animal feed, forage, and raw ingredients

Example Parameters

Fat (i.e. lean to fat ratio), water, protein, collagen, ash, salt, pH-value, aw (water activity), phytates, and amino acids

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Our NIR machines are the only lab-grade yet portable ones on the market and offered at a significant discount to our competitors. Let's discuss how our next-gen technology enables intelligent data-driven productions with less waste and bigger yields.

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