Our machines enable analysis of whether dairy products are within requirements that can be done on site and without damaging or destroying your product

Relevant Machines:
Our machines provide analysis that is fast and easy for moisture, fat and protein as well as ash or lactose content where required. Producers in the dairy industry monitor these parameters to: optimize the moisture content, increase product consistency, more efficiently utilize energy (e.g. optimization of the drying process), and reduce final product testing in the laboratory
Example Products

Butter, milk, yogurt, cheese, dairy, powder, and whey

Example Parameters

Protein Fatty acids (FA), minerals (e.g., calcium, phosphorus, magnesium), vitamins (B2, B12, A, B6, and D), bioactive peptides, solids, and sugar

Let's talk

Our NIR machines are the only lab-grade yet portable ones on the market and offered at a significant discount to our competitors. Let's discuss how our next-gen technology enables intelligent data-driven productions with less waste and bigger yields.

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