Wine + Beer

Our machines will help you quality control ingredients for both wine and beer both in solid and liquid form

Relevant Machines:
Wine + Beer
At IAS we mix tradition with science. We use cutting edge analytical equipment so that every batch uses the finest ingredients at their peak ripeness. With our array of tests we provide functionality to ensure the best yield from start to finish. For wine we offer data from grape quality, tests prior to bottling and Sulphur Dioxide measurements. For beer we analyze anything from grain quality to alcohol content.
Example Products

Beer, finished wine, grape must, and must under fermentation

Example Parameters

Ash content, bulk density, gluten, moisture, starch, fermenting grains, direct alcohol measurement, density, pH, ethanol, sugars, organic acids, free and total sulphur dioxide, glucose/fructose, total soluble solids (Brix), malic acid, total acidity, volatile acidity, and yeast assimilable nitrogen

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Our NIR machines are the only lab-grade yet portable ones on the market and offered at a significant discount to our competitors. Let's discuss how our next-gen technology enables intelligent data-driven productions with less waste and bigger yields.

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